Introduction: For those who are considering finding a job at our company


Thank you for visiting the computer mind WEB recruitment site.
If you are thinking of getting a job at our company, I think you have an interest and experience in the computer industry.

Today, computers are indispensable to the world. In addition, I think that the future technological development will create many innovations that are useful to us humans, such as robots and artificial intelligence.

Then, are computers (AI) are going to replace humans for jobs? We dare to defer.
However, what we can say without a doubt is that, in future there will be jobs that are completely different from the one we have right now, and that are the questions of work, ability, and quality that have never been done before.

Even if the world changes, there will be jobs that will still require human touch in the future.
That’s the computer industry.
Humans always develop and control robots and artificial intelligence. Therefore, engineers are always needed even if the work changes.

If you're looking for a lifetime job, we recommend that you become an engineer.
And if you choose our company, we would like to have you as companion to create technologies that will change the world.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Application Guidelines


New graduate recruitment

Starting salary (per month)
Doctor 270,900 yen
Masters 260,600 yen
Bachelors 250,000 yen
Location Yamanashi or Tokyo. *Preference will be given to your choice.
Job openings System Engineer (SE)/Programmer (PG)
Number of Applicants 10
Department of Recruitment All departments
Documents to be submitted Resume, transcript, certificate of expected graduation.
Selection method Written tests, essays, interviews


Mid-Career Determined by experience and position
Location Yamanashi or Tokyo. *Preference will be given to your choice.
Job openings System Engineer (SE)/Programmer (PG)
Number of applicants Multiple
Documents to be submitted Resumes and Career Sheets
Selection method Programming tests, interviews


Conditions of Employment

Standard working hours: 8:30 to 17:30 (actual working hours: 8 hours)
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday), New Year holidays, special holidays, etc.
Various allowances: Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, family allowance, housing allowance, qualification allowance, mutual aid society system.
Salary Increment once a year (April)
Bonus twice a year (June and December), settlement bonus once a year (September)


Various types of social insurance, etc.

Various social insurance such as health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance.

Financial Savings and Retirement Allowances

With financial savings, you can make planned savings for the future. In addition, retirement allowances are paid according to the number of years of service.

Mutual Aid Association

A mutual aid association is a system in which employees mutually support each other, such as celebrations and incense at the time of congratulation, and celebrations such as wedding sores and childbirths. In addition, events organized by the Mutual Aid Association are held regularly.

Childcare and nursing care system

Regardless of the closure only, we have established a childcare and nursing care system that is closely related to the work and life balance of employees, such as telecommuting. We will also provide support for returning after the holidays.

Employee travel

Every five years, all the company employees including their families in Japan or overseas are taken on company vacation.

Hiring Process

  1. 1.Entry from the designated place for both new graduates and mid-career (submission by phone or e-mail is also possible)
  2. 2.Company briefings: It will be held at the sales office closest to the registered address of the applicant.
  3. 3.[New graduate] written test [Mid-career] programming test
  4. 4.First Interview: We will hold individual interviews with our managers.
  5. 5.Second interview: We will hold an individual interview with our officers.
  6. 6.Job offer